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“SAM is A 2 Day LIVE Show Similar to TED.  Discover The World’s Best Sales, Advertising & Marketing Breakthroughs, Along With World-Class Entertainment!”


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A Meteor Shower Has Hit the World of Business.
It’s time for a reinvention.

Q: Are you satisfied with where you're at in your business?

Q: Are you confident that you’re not leaving money on the table?

Q: Are you certain that your sales, advertising,
and marketing skills are at the optimum level?

If you’re like most successful people, you know that you can always improve...

Would it be ridiculous
to consider a way to improve your advertising, marketing and sales skills from a group of speakers who have helped businesses experience a cumulative BILLIONS in increased revenue?

Of course not!  And that's exactly why you should attend the first ever SAM event to be held in Las Vegas.

Good news: Thanks to our generous sponsors, you get to attend for free! ($197.00 value)

Between our line up of speakers, businesses have experienced revenue increases over 20 BILLION Dollars.  That's not marketing hype, that's a fact.   

And while tickets last you can attend absolutely free...

We also have some awesome entertainment lined up for you.  You'll have a little fun while you learn how to grow your business.

There are many business growth seminars, but there is only one SAM.

Attend the SAM show in Las Vegas, and you’ll walk away with pre-tested, dependable, and innovative systems for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing, guaranteed to give you a huge advantage over ALL your competitors.

What is SAM?

SAM stands for: Sales, Advertising, and Marketing,
the 3 essential pillars for growing a business.

You've heard of "Show-Business"?  Well, SAM is a "Business-Show!"

SAM Combines 2 Unique Elements:

(1) Short 18 Min Presentations

World leading experts share their best tips, tricks, and systems in a fast moving format, with no pitching from the stage.

(2) Jaw Dropping Entertainment

Well-known musicians, singers, comedians, and more entertain you in a memorable theatrical extravaganza!


The Amazing SAM Speaker Line-up

Speakers Have Been Featured In All These Media Outlets

SAM speakers are hand selected with 3 criteria in mind:

1) They need to be running a successful business themselves, with International acclaim

2) They need to be willing to share their latest breakthroughs with the audience.

3) They need to be a great speaker who can both simplify the topic and present it in an engaging way.

There are 23 World Class Speakers at SAM. The celebrity performers and entertainers remain a closely guarded secret.  We're still adding new speakers, and please note that the speaker lineup is subject to change.

Only a Small Number of Seats are Available!

The show will sell out, so don't delay in registering.

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

I still remember the phone call…

It was 7 years ago, one snowy winter morning.  Around 10am the phone rang - it was my friend and fellow entrepreneur Ryan Lee.  Ryan was on the East coast in up-state New York, and I was in Salt Lake City.

Ryan is a passionate guy, and in his trademark animated style, he was telling me how frustrated he was, because he’d been to two seminars recently that were both complete duds.

He told me: “I didn’t learn anything new, most of the speakers were boring, and they were just pitch-fests.”

I had to agree, because that was my experience too.

I told Ryan: “I’m sick and tired of boring business events in boring hotel ballrooms, in boring locations, with boring speakers who just tease the audience and then go into hard sell mode!”  I continued: “We can do better, I know we can.”

“Of course we can!” said Ryan. “Dude, you produced Yanik Silver’s famous Underground Online Seminar for years, if anyone can do it YOU can!  And I’d LOVE to partner with you on it.”

"Hmmm…" I pondered.

We talked on the phone for over an hour, brainstorming ideas.  The more we talked, the more it was obvious that we'd already decided to make it our mission to shake up the world of business seminars.

In the weeks that followed, we carefully researched and studied every event format we knew of, including TED talks, workshops, retreats, forums, meetings, summits, seminars, symposiums, conventions, and conferences.

We also surveyed almost 40,000 entrepreneurs and business owners to find out what they loved and hated when it comes to attending events.

We heard the same comments over and over again...

They said most seminars provide little value, and they felt like they were just being teased, like a dangling carrot that keeps moving away as you get closer.  They also told us it seems like almost every seminar promoter was over-promising and under delivering.

Obviously, that’s not right, and those comments fueled us in our quest to come up with something revolutionary.

We drew from my background in the field of entertainment in the UK, where I had been a production manager and event designer for big theatrical shows and concerts.  That really helped us to think outside the box, because I've always been convinced business training doesn't have to be boring!

We eventually created the "eureka" breakthrough we’d been seeking, and we called it SAM.  SAM is a cross between TED talks for business owners and a live show.  It's a business show, because it puts the 'show' back in business!

Then came BAD NEWS as we immediately hit a big obstacle...

When we approached theater owners with our idea, no one understood what we were trying to do.  We got turned down in countless cities, even though we were trying to give them money!  Management would say things like, "We don't rent our theater for business events", or "We only host touring shows we trust."

It felt like we were hitting a brick wall.  Thankfully we finally made a breakthrough in Park City, Utah, home of Robert Redford's famous Sundance Film Festival.  For years, they'd been combining a business and networking event with live shows, so they understood exactly what we were trying to do!

And that's how SAM was born.  Ryan and I unveiled the first SAM show in 2011, and it was an instant hit!  Everyone raved about it, and you can hear comments from past attendees in the video further down on this page.

In 2012, fellow Brit Chris Farrell joined the SAM team, and Ryan chose to take time out to focus on his brilliant super-bar brand, Rewind Bars.  Check 'em out, they're awesome!

Why Is The SAM Show So Popular?

SAM is Unique.

The closest comparable event would be TED, the differences being that (a) SAM relates 100% to business topics, and (b) we feature live entertainment throughout the show.


Here's why the short SAM speech format works so well:

The most influential speeches in modern history were under 22 minutes!
John F. Kennedy inspired America to shoot for the moon in 18 minutes.
Martin Luther King painted a picture of racial harmony in 17 minutes
Steve Jobs gave his stirring commencement address in just 15 minutes.

PLUS, science has proven that when you stimulate both the left and right sides of the brain (with education and entertainment), it's easier to pay attention, you remember more, and of course it's MUCH more fun!

Why Attend SAM?

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years…

There’s so much information out there, it’s overwhelming.  Frankly, finding reliable, tested, and proven business training is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Being Bombarded with ‘Information’ is Bad for Your Business!

I bet you’re a bit like me: you see a steady stream of emails, magazine ads, videos, online banners, popups, and more - all claiming to offer the next big thing to help your business.

But what really works?  And perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t work?  After all, your time, energy and money are precious resources that shouldn’t be squandered.

I’m sure you’ve experienced that there’s a lot of bad business advice out there, and it’s easy to get caught up in chasing sales, advertising and marketing ideas that lead you down a road to nowhere.

The bottom line is, most business owners struggle because they're trading time for money while trying all kinds of random acts of marketing they HOPE will work.


Hope Is Not a Strategy!

Let's be clear: hope without a clear strategy and systems is delusional.  Hope believes what it wants to believe, and it clouds your ability to make wise decisions.

Look, I'm guessing here, but my sense is that ...

  • You're tired of working long hours
  • You believe that you deserve a better quality of life
  • You want to take control of your family’s financial future, so you can have more choices in life

If you agree with any of the statements above, you MUST attend SAM!

Let’s face it, no business owner has unlimited time, energy or financial resources, so it’s obvious why it makes sense to get connected with the people who are achieving the best results with proven systems.



What Will You Learn at SAM?

  • Simple, cost-effective, LITTLE KNOWN sales, advertising and marketing tricks that are on the cutting edge.
  • Highly sophisticated marketing strategies, sales funnels, traffic secrets, and moneymaking blueprints that the rest of the world has NO CLUE even exist yet!

and much much more...

  • The Little Known and Advanced Secrets of Persuasion
  • 5 Effective Copywriting Formulas You Can Use Instantly
  • How to Setup and Manage Effective Ad Campaigns in Less Than 30 Minutes
  • Little Known Sources to Get More Web Traffic (they’re not what you think)
  • How to Easily Tap Into Traffic From Social Media to Promote Your Business
  • Hidden Outsource Resources Most Business Owners Don't Know About
  • How to Set up and Use Mind Maps Effectively to Speed Up Your Success
  • 3 Proven Sales Blueprints You Can Use in Any Business
  • How to Get FREE Advertising in Major Local, National and even International Publications
  • Big Breakthroughs in Client Retention for any Business that sells MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Products or Services.
  • How to Stand Out from the Crowd, in Even the Most Competitive Business Niches.
  • The Fundamentals of Crafting a Compelling Message that will have Prospects Whipping Out Their Wallet or Purse to Buy
  • How to Use the RFM principle to Uncover the Hidden Goldmine In Your Customer List (there’s a fortune to be made )
  • Learn the secrets of the Sales Masters, without resorting to high-pressure tactics
  • The Blueprints for Attracting A LOT More High-Quality Leads

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Are You Ready to Build a Better, Stronger,
and More Profitable Business?

Who MUST Attend SAM?

If you have a strong, serious interest in placing your business profits on the fast-track then you’ll benefit greatly from SAM.

See if one of these 7 descriptions fits you:

  1. The small business owner or entrepreneur who is "working too hard to make a living" or always WORRYING about where the next customers are coming from. If you are regularly ending your day feeling frustrated and exhausted, or if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and not making progress, SAM is for you.
  2. Owners, Presidents & Executives of mid-sized companies frustrated with their level of growth as well as tough competition who seem intent on continually lowering prices. SAM will SHOW YOU how to overcome these obstacles and more, fast!
  3. Coaches, consultants, and authors eager to grow their businesses, to find new opportunities, to take control of their life, and free up more personal time.
  4. Sales professionals tired of "cold calling”, tired of battling with unscrupulous competitors, thinking 'there must be a better way.'
  5. Internet savvy entrepreneurs who know they are a lot smarter than the many ‘kids’ who are making millions online.
  6. Self-employed professionals or anyone in the retail or service businesses. You realize that there’s plenty of opportunities to expand your business, you’re just not sure how, and you’re afraid of making costly mistakes.
  7. Marketing agency owners, copywriters, ad managers, and other service providers. You want to know the best way to promote your services, get (and keep) new clients.

Who Should NOT Attend?

A legitimate reason not to attend would be if you have all the business you can handle right now.  If so, congratulations, I’m genuinely happy that your business is doing so well.

Also, sorry but SAM is also NOT for anyone who makes a living exclusively selling affiliate products.  (I have nothing against affiliates but this event is about building your own business).

Finally, this is NOT for people who are simply looking for a single “magic bullet” to solve all their business problems.  That’s unrealistic.  Real business success requires hustle and a willingness to implement consistently.  If that scares you, please don’t attend.

Otherwise, the reasons to say ‘no’ are frankly excuses or mistakes.  Some are too lazy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Some are too disorganized to set aside just two days out of the month to take their business to the next level.  Some are too cheap to invest in ongoing education.  Only you can know whether any of those descriptions fit you!

I already know of course, by name, the ‘superstars’ in the marketing world who’ll be racing to get tickets and implement what they hear at SAM, regardless of the price, because they understand the value of systems and speed of implementation.  These smart cookies will attend the event, take careful notes, implement, and probably make a fortune.  Their behavior is deliberate and directly attributable to their success.

It's your choice which group you want to be part of. 

Let's be honest, if you decline this invitation, what else will you do to change your current financial situation, get out of debt, and achieve the financial freedom you deserve?

Still On The Fence?

Here's 27 more reasons to attend SAM:

1. Hang out with friends.

2. Make many new friends and connections with like-minded people.

3. The thrill of an "AHA" moment, repeated over and over again.

4. Do deals & joint venture partnerships.

5. Find the one new vendor who offers the service you desperately need.

6. Light bulbs going off like fireworks in your head, as you FINALLY understand something you’ve been struggling with for years!

7. Get autographs directly from authors in the SAM book store.

8. Watch jaw dropping performances by world class singers, magicians, comedians, and entertainers.

9. Ask the speakers your burning questions about your business.

10. Frantically taking notes knowing that every word = MONEY!

11. Learning the tiny tweaks to your funnel that could easily double your profits this year!

12. Making a “to-do” list that gets you both excited and motivated!

13. Checking into the hotel and spotting someone you know and admire.


14. Getting off the plane and feeling the excitement in the air to be at SAM.

15. Laughing so hard it hurts!

16. Being blown away at how many marketing secrets are revealed every hour.

17. Enjoying being both taught and entertained at the same time.

18. Getting inspired and motivated to take your business to the next level.

19. Staying a day or two longer to enjoy the thrills of Las Vegas!

20. Overhearing other entrepreneurs sharing gems in the hallways during the breaks.

21. Once in a lifetime photo opportunities with celebrity guests and performers.

22. Escape the office for two or more days!

23. Browse the hand selected vendors in the expo area.

24. Discover the tools and resources others are using.

25. Get recognized by your peers for the interesting and cool things you’re doing.

26. Have the opportunity to win some amazing gifts and prizes.

27. Recharging, reinventing, revitalizing, and renewing your DREAM!



Your Ticket Is Currently FREE,
(Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors)

As you probably know, a college or university course typically costs tens of thousands, often much much more. Some students leave with nothing more than a piece of paper and a huge debt to pay off. Certainly, there’s no guarantee of income, let alone recurring income every month!

Many franchises cost more than $100,000.00 with ZERO guarantees that you’ll EVER make a profit!

This transformational event is the culmination of countless years of research, testing, and experience by each of the speakers, who are leaders in their respective fields.

Frankly, many of the speakers don’t provide any kind of one-on-one consultation, and for those who do, it would cost you at least $10,000.00 a day – and even then you’d be on a waiting list because they get booked up months in advance.

SAM is not an ordinary event.  It’s extraordinary in every way. At SAM, you will receive step-by-step formulas, checklists, and templates delivered in a practical way, and designed so you can implement immediately to make more money. You’ll also discover how to remove obstacles and hurdles standing in your way.

Plus, we have a few surprises in store you won’t want to miss!

It would be perfectly reasonable to request a fee of $2,000.00, since I can guarantee a return for anyone who implements what they learn at SAM.

However, for a limited time, your ticket is FREE, thanks to our generous sponsors, but you need to act fast!

And in case you're skeptical, this free offer is not some ploy to get you into a room to be pitched by the speakers.  At SAM, none of the speakers sell from the stage.  We genuinely want you to come and experience this transformational show, so that you'll share your experience with others, and help us grow SAM in the future.


It's Decision Time!  You Have 2 Choices But Only One Makes Sense...

You can either keep running your business by relying on random acts of marketing or being distracted by the next shiny object…


You can shortcut years of trial and error by discovering the proven sales, advertising, and marketing systems our SAM speakers have innovated.  Why stress out trying to reinvent the wheel when there’s a much better way!

Most people in your circumstances will grab this opportunity with both hands, knowing there’s zero risk.

Reserve your seat today, and we'll see you there!

All the Best!

Andrew Lock & Chris Farrell

About Andrew & Chris:

Maverick marketer Andrew Lock, is often referred to as the “Yoda of Marketing” (not because he’s short with green pointy ears, but because of his encyclopedic knowledge of marketing).  Andrew is also the author of 7 best-selling business books, as well as co-author with Dan Kennedy.  He started producing and presenting the "Help My Business!" show in 2008, which is now the longest running entertaining business show on the Internet!

Also originally from the UK, Chris Farrell was the host DJ of the mid-morning drive show on London's #1 radio station, which he presented for 18 years.  At the same time he created a retro themed night out in London which for 3 years running was voted 'London's #1 Night Out'. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2007, Chris started a training business that has been voted #1 in the online marketing world.

Together, Andrew & Chris present the long-running "Help My Business!" Online TV show, ( which provides a proliferation of practical marketing tips, big business lessons from well known brands, and lots of little known online resources that small business owners can use to increase profits fast. 


P.S. #1: Tempted to wait, and not book today? That’s a BIG mistake, here’s why…
“Some Day” is both a crowded place and an unhappy place.  Most people procrastinate away all their opportunity.  They get on the treadmill of life and run in the same spot until, finally, they die.  It’s the same reason why most people still have sealed boxes in their garage from their last house move, from years ago!

Yes, you could continue to do a little dance with the devil, back and forth, weighing all the pros and cons, "umming and erring".   But the only power is in the NOW.  So avoid the temptation to put it off and wait.  Watch the video from past attendees further up this page, register today, and look forward to the magic of SAM.

P.S. #2: The race for seats is ON!  Please don't make the mistake of waiting to 'think this over'. Last time dozens of hopeful attendees were turned away because SAM SOLD-OUT!



Supported By

SAM Starts In



Thursday June 13th and Friday June 14th 2019


Las Vegas, Nevada


SAMs Town Hotel,  Las Vegas


Approx 9am to 6pm on both days.



  • q-iconWhat are the transportation options?

    The nearest airport is Las Vegas McCarran, which has excellent connections both domestically and Internationally.  Ground transportation options include Uber, Lyft, car rental, and taxi.  It’s a 10-15 min ride from the airport to the hotel by car.

  • q-iconDoes the hotel have parking on site?

    Yes, there is ample FREE parking at the venue, both for overnight guests and visitors.

  • q-iconHow much is the hotel accommodation?

    We have negotiated a nightly rate of just $69 for you (plus resort fee), and even outside of our room block rates are very reasonable.

  • q-iconIs there a dress code for the event?

    No need to dress up, this is a casual event. We’ll be inside during the day and the rooms are well air-conditioned, but we encourage you to dress in layers so you’re comfortable.  Vegas is typically very warm in June, but we encourage you to keep an eye on the forecast.

  • q-iconShould I extend my stay in Vegas?

    Absolutely!  SAM concludes on Friday night, and there’s plenty to see and do in and around Vegas. There are plenty of amazing restaurants, shops to explore, and nearby attractions such as the Grand Canyon.

  • q-iconWill the event be recorded?

    The plan is to record the event and then offer it for sale at some point after the event.  That being said, we don’t currently have a firm date for when the recordings might be made available or any pricing information as yet.

  • q-iconWhat's the refund policy?

    Since this event is supporting Make a Wish foundation, there are no refunds if your plans change.  You may transfer ownership by emailing:  If you can’t make it, please remember you are still supporting Make a Wish!

  • q-iconHow do I convince my boss to send me?

    Great question!  Assuming you have a boss or manager who believes in you improving your sales, advertising, or marketing skills, You can use the persuasive email we created for you here 😉

  • q-iconIs this event right for me?!

    If you’re a successful business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, professional services provider, author, coach, consultant or anyone who wants to grow an existing business, this event is for you.

  • q-iconIf I'm already very successful, will I benefit from SAM?

    Absolutely!  Many attendees will be highly successful entrepreneurs who are seeking the latest cutting-edge strategies to implement.

  • q-iconIs there assigned seating?

    Seating is first-come, first-served each day.  VIP’s will get early access with reserved seating at the front of the theater.

  • q-iconWhen and Where?

    June 13th & June 14th 2019.

    SAM’s Town Hotel and Casino,
    5111 Boulder Hwy,
    Las Vegas,
    NV 89122 

    9am to 6:30pm Thursday, with a bonus session from 7:30pm to 9pm
    9am to 6:30pm Friday


The examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, product, effort and motivation to work and follow the program. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.
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